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Because no one actually reads this blog, these are more hypotheticals than anything. Perhaps we could pretend in this case faq actually stands for "frankly awful queries".

why is this website so ugly?

I am hurt. Really. Your scathing words have dug deep into my being and left a scar I shall always carry with me; but I understand your failiure to recognise the divine beauty that is early 2000s amateur web design is no fault of your own, but rather an unfortunate failiure of the society we inhabit to educate you on such matters as the fine arts.

why make a blog in 2020? why not just use twitter like a normal person?

Modern social media is awful. I miss being able to add a bit of character to my space on the internet. I miss the small personal communities that used to form around forums and blogs in the mid-late 2000s, now replaced with giant impersonal content feeds that strip all personality from their users.

Mostly I just think there's value in decentralising a bit of the web. I think it sucks how all of the websites most people use are supergiant profit-gobbling grotesque pulsating monsters of capitalism these days.

That said, I actually do use twitter. If for some crazy reason you would like to follow me, you can here.